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Product Name:15359 Simple N Fun - Car(Plain White)
Product Description:Cardboard Pretend Play Car (Simple Easy)

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Specification Parameter
Product Name:15359 Simple N Fun - Car(Plain White)
Product Description
  • Free to paint Cardboard Car;
  • Pretend Play Car;
  • Suitable for age 3-8 children;
  • Made of 100% paper;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Suitable Age 3-6
    Assembled Size W75.0 x D40.0 x H39.0 cm
    Shipping Size W58.0 x D2.5 x H44.0 cm
    Shipping Weight 0.11 kgs.
This is a simple pretend car. Compared with our other car 14823 / 14821B, it is simpler in appearance and easier to assemble. Nevertheless, it is still very interesting and fun, especially after painting or decorating it.
Specification Parameter

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